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Food Science Ambassador Program

Food Science Ambassador Program

Purpose and Rationale

Although food science is a rapidly growing field, public awareness of food science is low.  There are eight degree food science programs in Canada and a number of other institutes and colleges that teach food science.  The total number of graduates from Canadian food science degree programs is less than 100 per year, much less than needed for the over 5,000 food processing plants in Canada.

The primary purpose of the Food Science Ambassador program is to increase public awareness of the food industry and of food science and technology, and particularly, to help high school students become better educated consumers of food. A secondary goal, which follows naturally from the first, is to encourage more students to enrol in Canadian undergraduate Food Science programs and become highly trained food science professionals for the Canadian food industry.

The strategy to achieve these goals is to invite food industry professionals to deliver talks and laboratories on food science and technology in local high and junior high schools. Presentation materials were selected and organized to illustrate how the three basic sciences, namely, physics, chemistry and biology, are applied in food science and technology.

The following Ambassador and teacher instructional materials and resources may be downloaded below:

  • "Food Science as a Career" brochure
  • Instructions for Ambassadors
  • A sample letter to send to high school teachers
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • High school level laboratories
  • Program evaluation form
  • Links to food science and academic departments

The PowerPoint presentation includes descriptions of food science and careers in food science and technology, followed by slides on chemical, biological and engineering aspects of food. Ambassadors are encouraged to present one of the three areas and supplement it with information and anecdotes from their own expertise and experience.

It is our sincere hope that the Ambassador program will increase the number and diversity of degree and diploma food science graduates, increase public awareness of food science and technology, and increase the influence and membership of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

If you would like to participate in this program, please download the Ambassador application form below. We believe you’ll find that the contact with high school teachers and students is personally rewarding. The students and the food industry will be the long term beneficiaries.

Ambassador Application
and Information

Ambassor Presentation

Laboratories for Students

Click here to download Ambassador participant application form (DOC)

Click here to download Instructions for ambassadors (DOC)

Click here to download Sample letter to high school teachers (DOC)

Click here to download Program Evaluation Form (DOC)

Click here to download "Food Science as a Career" Brochure (PDF)

Click here to download Ambassador Program Power Point (PPT)

Click here to download Processed Cheese Experiment (DOC)

Click here to download Quick Yeast Performance Demonstration (DOC)

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