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2013 Food Industry CEO of the Year Award recipient

2013 Food Industry CEO of the Year Award recipient


    Greg Blake
    Daiya Foods

Greg Blake has made an outstanding contribution to the food processing industry through his work at Daiya Foods. Daiya is an innovative company that makes vegan and dairy free ‘cheese’.  Daiya currently produces soft and hard vegan, dairy & allergen-free ‘cheeses’ that melt and stretch like real cheese.

Prior to joining Daiya Foods, Greg worked in web analytics, helping companies mine for meaningful information and make the most of their electronic media assets.  He took with him this valuable experience after seeing some early experiments with cheese alternatives, driving him to make the leap to the food industry.

Becoming a vegan in his teens, Greg saw the need for products that serve this market. He understands the desire to enjoy comfort foods and the emotional impact they have on us. But he appreciates that many people have special memories linked to eating foods like pizza or mac n’ cheese, and knows that those who can no longer experience these foods, can feel left out.  By bringing these unique products to the market, Daiya Foods allows people to enjoy cheese again.

Greg is extremely passionate about Daiya’s products. He has helped make Daiya successful by creating a culture that is comfortable with risk and embraces mistakes.  He feels you’re unable to do anything truly innovative if you don’t have a stomach for failure.  His mantra is to ‘consider the outrageous and balance it with the pragmatic’.  Greg feels that when people feel trust, respect and humility from an organization, it makes them comfortable enough to express their ideas.  This culture allows Daiya Foods to tap into creativity and energy that spawns innovative, category disrupting products.

Daiya’s many successes under Greg Blake’s leadership have been acknowledged through a number of awards and achievements, including the Ernst and Young 2012 Pacific Region Emerging Entrepreneurs of the Year Award and the 2012 BC Food Processors Association Product of the Year, to name just two.

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