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2013 Food Innovation Award recipient

2013 Food Innovation Award recipient


Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) CLAIRSOY Team

The development and introduction of CLARISOY is a significant innovation. It is the world’s first vegetable-based protein that offers clarity and high quality protein nutritionin low pH food systems. Consumer demand for convenient foods that deliver protein, like protein beverages, will increasedue to better awareness ofhealthy eating habits.CLARISOY soy protein isolates have acombination of functional properties,neutral flavour and high nutritional value that is unlike anything else on the plant protein market today. CLARISOY offers processing and sensory advantages over traditional isolated soy proteins in the fast growing beverage categories of sports drinks, fruit juice blends, powdered mixes, fortified waters and meal replacers.

CLARISOY 100, the first product to launch in the CLARISOY line, is an isolated soy protein that is 100% solubleand transparent in beverage applications with a pH below 4.0. The tremendous solubility of CLARISOY 100 allows ready-to-drink, low pH beverages to be prepared without the use of stabilizers or homogenization. The clarity of low pH beverages containing CLARISOY 100 is maintainedeven after thermal processing.Application areas for CLARISOY 100 include sports nutrition beverages, citrus based drinks, fruit flavoured beverages, fruit juice blends, lemonades, powderedbeverage mixes and fortified waters. In low pH powdered beverages, the solubility of CLARISOY 100 means that hydrocolloid stabilizers need not be incorporated in the formulation for protein stabilization or mouthfeel. 

CLARISOY 100 has an overall clean and bland flavour, withslight astringency, whereas traditional soy protein isolates may have slight green, cereal, bitter and/or astringent flavours. Efforts are currently underway to further mitigatethe astringency associated with CLARISOY in acidic environments.

CLARISOY 150, the first product extension inthe CLARISOY line, is a revolutionary soy protein for neutral pH beverages and low pH beverages with cloud systems. CLARISOY 150 is highly soluble and has aclean flavour and smooth mouthfeel that pairs perfectly with flavours like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.Application areas for CLARISOY 150 include meal replacements, smoothies or soymilks.

CLARISOY proteins areproduced fromthe samedefatted soy flakes as traditional isolated soy proteins. The unique properties of CLARISOY result fromthe way in which the protein component is separated from the insoluble and soluble carbohydrate components. Numerous patent applications have been filed in jurisdictions around the world covering various aspects of CLARISOY production and use.

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