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2013 Student Leadership Award recipient

2013 Student Leadership Award recipient

Jeyachchandran Visvalingam (Vije)

Vije began volunteering with CIFST in 2008 when he joined the Manitoba Section Management Committee as a Graduate Student Representative. He served in this position for three years, during which he actively participated in organizing the student career nights in 2009 and 2010 and demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills that resulted in successful events and sponsorship from the Food Science Department at the University of Manitoba.

Vije also volunteered in 2008 and 2010 as a CIFST Special Award Judge for the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium, which is the largest annual student science event throughout Manitoba. Vije’s role consisted of conducting technical interviews to students of different grades in order to determine finalists for different awards categories. His performance in a team setting was exceptional.

Furthermore, Vije organized and conducted an internal selection for the University of Manitoba Student Challenge Team that participated in 2010 CIFST/AAFC conference in Winnipeg. Vije successfully obtained endowment funds from the Faculty of Agriculture to support the team’s registration, and he mentored fellow student representatives in securing funding for the 2012 Student Challenge Team.

Vije has been very active recruiting new student members, as well as undergraduate and graduate student representatives for the Section Management Committee. Along with contributing to the Manitoba Section ‘Food File’ Newsletter and assisting with the 1st Manitoba Section Supplier Expo, Vije has been the financial auditor of the Section since 2011.

Vije has been a member of CIFST since 2007 and in this short time has demonstrated unwavering commitment to CIFST through his service and contribution to the CIFST Manitoba Section. Always keen to help and provide assistance when needed, Vije serves as an exceptional role model for his peers and all CIFST members.

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