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2014 Fellow of the Institute

2014 Fellow of the Institute

Dr. Allan Paulson

For more than 30+ years, Allan Paulson has demonstrated dedication, commitment, collaboration, cooperativeness and leadership in food science and technology, not only in Canada, but also globally.

Allan has been a Professor in the Department of Process Engineering & Applied Science at Dalhousie University since 1993, where he has supervised numerous graduate and undergraduate research projects. His many contributions to research in the areas of food polymer structure/function, thermal processing, controlled delivery of bioactives, antimicrobial peptides and sodium reduction are documented in 64 refereed publications, including highly mechanistic, hypothesis-driven refereed publications in well respected, high impact food and non-food related journals. Allan has authored various book chapters, holds two patents and has given numerous conference presentations. In 1997, he was recognized for his leadership in research and industry as the recipient of CIFSTís W.J. Eva Award.

As the Associate Scientific Director at the Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet) - now known as AFM Canada - since 2003, Allan serves on the Board of Directors. He was a co-applicant in establishing AFMNet and played a key role in its formation. Throughout the tenure of AFMNet/AFM Canada, Allan has exhibited leadership in helping to identify research opportunities and direction while promoting and fostering multidisciplinary collaborations. He is closely involved in all aspects of AFM Canada programs and operations, including evaluating and developing proposals for new funding sources.

As the current Director of the Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) at Dalhousie University, Allan oversees CIFTís academic and industry support functions, and liaises with academic, government and industry leaders on the Instituteís behalf. He is also currently in the process of forming the Atlantic Canada Fermented Products Institute.

Allan has been a reviewer and editorial board member for several scientific journals, and served on national/international grant panels. Alanís leadership in publishing was well demonstrated a number of years ago through his role in the transition of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology Journal to Food Research International. As a member of the Publishing Committee for CIFST, Allanís vision allowed the CIFST Journal to be transformed from a largely parochial scientific publication into a well-respected, high impact international journal that is Food Research International.

Additionally, Allanís involvement in IUFoST as a committee chair and session organizer over the past four years, as well as his service to CIFST as a long-time member, volunteer leader both regionally and nationally, and President-Elect (soon-to-be President, only moments from now), illustrate his commitment and dedication to scientific societies and professional organizations. Most recently, his involvement in this World Congress as a member of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Program Co-Chair - along with Dr. Derick Rousseau from Ryerson University - is further testament to his commitment, leadership and unequivocal suitability as a Fellow of the Institute. 


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