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2014 Institute Award

2014 Institute Award

Denyse LeBlanc

Denyse LeBlanc has been a professional member of CIFST since 1982, and during more than 30 years in the sector, she has become known for her strong and positive support of CIFST. Through her volunteer work with CIFST and as a food engineer for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, she has distinguished herself through her professionalism, thoughtful leadership and unwavering dedication. Denyse has devoted an entire career to the advancement of food science and technology in Atlantic Canada and has demonstrated a remarkable ability to build networks and to touch people personally.

Denyse‘s volunteer service to CIFST spans many years and is wide-ranging. Among her many contributions, she has served on the Institute Awards Committee, chaired the Food Process Engineering Subject Interest Division, Co-Chaired the 2008 National Conference in Charlottetown, and is a long-time volunteer leader for CIFST in Atlantic Canada who continues to bring forward and implement initiatives designed to bring value and recognition to Atlantic Section members.

While she is not one to seek the limelight and recognition, Denyse’s service and commitment to CIFST and the sector is a model to her peers and students alike. As Co-Chair of the 2008 Conference, she invested considerable time, effort and expertise in order to ensure the success of what was a milestone event for CIFST nationally and the region.

Throughout her entire career, Denyse has also been a tireless promoter and inspiring influence in the professional development of CIFST members and students. Most recently, as a member of the CIFST Atlantic Section Management Committee, she helped to organize industry tours in the region and initiated a student travel grant for students presenting their research at the IUFoST congress in Montreal. These initiatives have introduced students to the many opportunities in the sector and have also encouraged students to find ways in which their research can benefit the Atlantic Canada food industry.

Denyse is also well known as a knowledgeable food engineer who generously shares her time to advise others and provide professional support. Equally important to Denyse's dedication to professional development is her commitment to provide the exchange of scientific and educational information. This is evident in her outstanding research in the area of Food Engineering, specifically technological advances for improving the safety and quality of produce, as well as post-harvest handling and distribution of perishable foods. She has contributed many valuable research papers, book chapters, conference presentations and reports that have furthered the technical knowledge of food science and engineering in Canada.

While Denyse has recently retired from AAFC, she has maintained her interest and commitment to CIFST and continues to be an outstanding role model and inspiration for peers and students alike. For her many years of service to CIFST and her diligent efforts in maintaining and furthering the goals of the Institute, Denyse is, indeed, a very deserving recipient of the Institute Award.

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