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2014 Gordon Royal Maybee Award

2014 Gordon Royal Maybee Award


Transformpack Inc.

Transformpack Inc. was founded in Moncton, New Brunswick by classically trained and award winning chef, Hans Meier. His experience in hectic kitchens around the world led him to develop the Transformpack seasoning system. It was the result of frustration over flavour delivery resulting in variable meal results and eating quality from traditional topical shake, rub or marinating methods, that made him think that there must be a better way.

The idea for the concept was started in late 1994 with a local meatpacker who was applying one of Mr. Meier’s seasoning formulations to steaks and had run into a host of problems while applying the seasoning. Mr. Meier invented a spice sheet system to solve the application problems. This original idea consisted of a cold transfer system capable of delivering calibrated spice and seasoning formulations by simply coming in contact with the protein.

Although the spice sheet system had some early successes in the US, limited production capabilities stalled potential market expansion. After several years, custom designed application machines were manufactured to increase Transformpack’s production capacity and to improve the consistency of the end product. These developments resulted in the current market success of the Transformpack seasoning system on a global basis. Transformpack Inc. has patented the machinery, and although it still produces and develops product, its focus is now more on production machine development and licensing the system with packaging converters and spice and/or flavour houses. Although the idea for the spice sheets has been around since 1994, the production machine developments and their patents are relatively new.

The Transformpack seasoning system is a dry application system used to achieve spicing, seasoning, marinating, curing, smoking and meat ageing objectives. The dry seasoning preparation can be bonded to a range of base materials. Using a patented process and custom designed application machines, the resulting product is a dry sheet that can be rolled, cut into individual sheets, or formed into bags, pouches, or processed meat casings. Depending on the seasoning formulation, a 12 to 24 month shelf life is typical when the transfer sheets are stored in an airtight plastic bag.

This patented high-quality Transformpack flavour transfer system saves time and labour in food processing plants, restaurants, catering establishment and home kitchens. The outcome is a precisely calibrated way to season, flavour and marinate protein-based foods such as meat, fish, poultry, game, cheese and vegetarian proteins. The Transformpack system can also simplify the traceability requirements of restaurants and food service establishments. Since all seasoning ingredients are incorporated into a single-sheet substrate, a single audit track is sufficient. This is much easier than a multi-track audit required when using individual herb, spice and other seasoning ingredients procured from different sources.

The current market for flavour transfer systems is expanding rapidly. For the time being, most of Transformpack’s sales are in the casing and ham production arena, but all signs point to the consumer and fresh meat applications overtaking current uses of this complex, effective and efficient seasoning solution. Indeed, Transformpack’s system is an extraordinary example of outstanding applied development in the food and beverage sector.

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