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2015 Fellow of the Institute

Fellow of the Institute

Anne Goldman

Anne Goldman has been an active and influential member of the global food and sensory science community during her 46-year career, both in academic institutes and in the food industry on three continents. She is respected for her effective and collaborative leadership style, her sound scientific knowledge, her innovations in research approaches, and her mentorship of younger food science and sensory professionals and food industry colleagues. In particular her unique ability to bridge the scientific communities across academia and industry is well known.

Anne has held positions in research and product development in the food industry in England, New Zealand and Canada, as well as an Assistant Professorship in the Department of Consumer Studies at the University of Guelph. She is a principal and co-founder of ACCE International, where she is currently the Vice President of Consumer ResearchUnder Anneís direction, ACCE International has grown its client and project base, as well as generated a consistent increase in year-to-year revenue, resulting in continued employee expansion for graduates, technicians and coop students from the food science and marketing programs of several Canadian universities and colleges. Several in-house, sensory-based research programs in the food industry have experienced long-term benefits from her guidance. 

Additionally, the company has maintained high standards for research practices, including maintaining ISO 9001 certification and Gold Seal certification of the Marketing Research & Intelligence Association. A strong advocate for professionalism and proficiency testing schemes for the field of sensory science, Anne is well respected amongst her client base, sensory scientists and colleagues in the food industry.  Her counsel is regularly sought to better communicate research understanding to cross-functional business teams through workshops and individual consulting.

Anne has been exceptionally active in numerous professional food and sensory science organizations around the globe, helping to lead and advocate for excellence in sensory and consumer research methodology and its development and application to provide solutions to real-world product issues. Throughout her international career, she has been an active member, including holding officer status, in Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Among her many contributions, Anne was CIFST National President from 1993-1994, a Governing Council member of IUFoST from 2010-2014, and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of IFT.

Anne shows a strong commitment to teach and mentor others in the fundamentals and the application of sensory and consumer science. She is a visiting professor to several academic programs, and has contributed to the growth of knowledge on the application of consumer sensory science to the product development process through the publication and presentation of her research. A frequent invited speaker to international audiences, she is author and co-author of numerous scientific journal publications and a contributor to Case Studies in Food Product Development, published in 2008. Along with actively mentoring many food and sensory scientists and canvassing colleagues, staff and students to support their professional organizations, Anne has been involved in the organization of numerous conferences and/or workshops under the auspices of wide variety of professional organizations around the globe. She is recognized for her contributions to the food and sensory science communities, including being elected a Fellow of IFT, IFST(UK) and IAFoST, and receiving the David R. Peryam Award from ASTM Committee E-18 which recognizes an outstanding professional in the applied sensory science field.  Anne continues to be a guiding force in the advancement of sensory science in the food industry both in North America and globally.

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