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2016 President's Award

President's Award

Jenny Tian

Jenny (Jingxin) Tian is currently a MSc student in the Department of Food Science at the University of British Columbia, working in the research area of structure-function relationship of food proteins. Jenny’s unwavering passion to the field of food science is demonstrated through her strong desire and enthusiasm in providing assistance in various food science-related activities, primarily with CIFST. Through Jenny’s volunteer journey with CIFST, she has shown excellent leadership and communication skills when taking on responsibilities in many different capacities.

Jenny first joined CIFST in 2012 during her undergraduate studies at McGill University, primarily through the Quebec section, now having switched to the British Columbia section while pursuing her graduate studies. During the short time that Jenny has been a student member with CIFST, she has made a significant impact and a meaningful difference through her involvements and has distinguished herself as an outstanding role model among her peers.

In 2013, Jenny was elected as the president of McGill University’s Food Science Association. In this executive role, she communicated with the CIFST-led IUFoST World Congress Organizing Committee in identifying student volunteer opportunities and took on several volunteer roles, including Student Congress Volunteer Coordinator, Guinness World Record Volunteer Recruiter, Student Night Event Committee Member, and as a lead volunteer herself during the congress. In this opportunity, her liaison and promotion efforts recruited 35 undergraduate and graduate Food Science students for the congress, all of whom became CIFST student members.  She has also generated awareness of the advantages of being a student CIFST member, resulting in an increased membership of local students, as well as more local congress volunteers and attendees. In all of her congress volunteer roles, Jenny proved to be an exceptional leader and a supportive team player.

Jenny also showed her unwavering commitment to CIFST and the Quebec Section by volunteering at the Quebec Section Supplier’s Night in both 2013 and 2014. Greeting attendees, suppliers and minding tables with other student volunteers, Jenny demonstrated that she is a dedicated, involved and an effective team contributor.

In the 2015-2016 Term, Jenny transitioned to the BCFT section of CIFST, serving on the New Professional’s Committee. Jenny and her team executed events to provide resources and opportunities for recent food science graduates and individuals with less than 10 years of experience in Food Science professions. Jenny and her team regularly interviewed seasoned food scientists and documented their experiences by making regular submissions to the BCFT newsletter. Additionally, a speed networking event was held to encourage students and new graduates to learn and network with experienced professionals and among each other. Jenny’s leadership skills were again highlighted through these events. She also motivated her peers to participate and contribute to the food science community.

Jenny also showcased her exceptional leadership skills as Co-Chair of the 2016 CIFST National Conference in Burnaby, BC. She expertly led and oversaw six key subcommittees and all aspects of the conference planning and organizing process. Jenny’s outstanding leadership and organization skills were critical for the success of the event and also an enormous asset to CIFST. Not only was she organized, tactful, and kept the committee on task, she also showed a maturity far beyond her years and motivated many CIFST professional members to get involved. That the conference was a success on many levels – attendance, volunteer engagement, financial, collaboration, networking and more – is a testament to Jenny’s hard work, ability to bring a team of volunteers together and motivate them to work towards common goals.

Outside of Jenny’s heavy involvement with CIFST, she shared her passion for food science by taking on leadership roles in in UBC’s Food Science Club and McGill’s Food Science Association, where she was an ambassador promoting food science programs to local CEGEP students in the Montreal area. She also returned to her high school in Guelph, ON to introduce food science programs to secondary students who are applying to university programs. Additionally, Jenny was a judge at Sanofi Aventis Bio-talent Challenge in both 2014 and 2015’s regional competition in identifying talents of young scientists, a student supervisor at the 2014 SIAL Canada Montreal Conference, a competitor with Team McGill for IFT’s MARS Product Development Competition (achieving 3rd place) 2014, and an executive member with the Canadian Association for Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) McGill branch in 2010-2012.

As evident from Jenny’s drive and enthusiasm for her studies in food science, she has earned numerous awards, prizes and scholarships at the local, national and international levels. Some of her most recent achievements include being the recipient of a prestigious CGSM NSERC award for her MSc research at UBC, 2015; a German Academic Exchange Scholarship to support a food-related marketing project in Hanau, Germany, 2014; the Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Award in interning at a Canadian food company, 2014; and the Feeding Tomorrow Summer Scholar Program Funding through IFT and the Feeding Tomorrow Organization in conducting Food Science related research at Cornell University, 2013.  All of these experiences offer Jenny a solid foundation upon which to build her technical knowledge and excellent leadership skills, as well as continue to be an extraordinary role model and inspire others to get involved.

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