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2016 William J. Eva Award

William J. Eva Award

Dr. Dérick Rousseau

Dérick Rousseau has been a Professor of food science at Ryerson University since 1998. He obtained a PhD from the University of Guelph in 1997 and his research focuses on the formation and stability of colloidal systems (fats, emulsions, gels and confectionery) and how to improve functionality.

Dérick proved to be an invaluable collaborator, exhibiting originality, hard work and collegiality in 1999 when he was involved in a large Multidisciplinary Network Group (MNG) research project funded by NSERC. The success of the MNG led to the formation of the Advanced Foods and Materials Network of Centres of Excellence (AFMNet NCE) in 2003, which linked academia, government and industrial researchers in large, multidisciplinary projects to develop commercially viable, socially acceptable value-added products and processes. Dérick was a key contributor to AFMNet in its formation and then as a project leader throughout AFMNet's seven-year term. These projects led to significant advances in controlled delivery and release of bioactives as well as salt reduction in processed foods.

Over his career, Dérick has developed a superb international reputation for excellence in food science and technology research related to emulsions, gels and confectionery products. His research spans theory and practice - for example, examining structures in foods such as chocolate at a molecular level and translating new theoretical insights into practical applications of great relevance to the industry. He continues to collaborate with many partners across Canada and abroad. As evidenced by substantial research support from both government and industry - including numerous collaborations with international industrial partners on processed foods, crude oil and personal care products - Dérick has clearly demonstrated that he is one of those rare researchers who can work along the scientific continuum from fundamental to mechanistic to applied strategic research.

Along with being Editor-in-chief of the journal, Food Structure, Dérick’s work has appeared in more than 110 peer-reviewed publications, including well-respected, top-tier international journals. He has more than 220 presentations to his credit and holds two patents.

Dérick has also been a superb mentor having attracted and trained a significant number of graduate students and post­doctoral fellows who have gone on to academia and industry in Canada and abroad, a testament to the quality of his mentorship.

Dérick’s participation in CIFST dates back to 1996 when he was session chair for the CIFST National Conference. Since then, he has contributed to CIFST in a variety of capacities, including as a member of the 2001 Strategic Plan Steering Committee, Technical Program Chair for the 2004 CIFST/AAFC Conference, Session Chair for the 2006 CIFST/AAFC Conference, a member of the 2007 & 2009 National Seminar Series Committee, Session Co-Chair for the 2012 Conference, and Organizing Committee member and Technical Program Co-Chair for the CIFST-hosted 2014 World Congress of Food Science and Technology.

Dérick has approached his research, teaching, and industrial service with energy and enthusiasm throughout his career, and established an enviable record of performance in each of these areas. He is a prominent researcher and a chief contributor to the international research community, focused on the fundamentals and applications of food science. More importantly, he has greatly contributed significantly to food science and technology in Canada through outstanding research and service to the industry. 

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