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2016 Food Safety and Quality Award

Food Safety and Quality Award

The Food Safety Team,
Manitoba Agriculture


The Food Safety Processing and Distribution Program Team from Manitoba Agriculture was created 10 years ago under the Agriculture Policy Framework (APF), and is now part of Growing Forward Initiatives in Manitoba. Since its inception, the Food Safety Team has demonstrated unwavering commitment to both food safety in the food processing industry and CIFST. A number of Food Safety Team members have been CIFST members for many years and have been an instrumental part of CIFST. The Food Safety Team includes the following individuals:

Jill Zacharias
Maria Krawec
Katia Arrus
Carrie Compton
Aline Tezcucano
Charles Powell
Gary Graumann

Carrie Leung
Mariana Monroy
Leslie Hudson
Joel Lamoureux
Ketie Sandhu
Benilda Sable

The Food Safety Specialists of this team have extensively assisted non-federally registered food processing plants in Manitoba in the development and implementation of written food safety programs (Basic and Comprehensive Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked standards and traceability systems by providing personalized technical expertise. Team members have developed an extensive number of high-quality educational resources for the food industry, including a comprehensive Food Safety web site with more than 150 web pages containing food safety posters, factsheets and top food safety information presented in an easy-to-understand and suitable for those with limited technical knowledge. More than seven different food safety training curriculums, a dedicated technical resource centre to address technical questions, food safety programs, templates and guidebooks are among the many resources that have benefitted companies and students.

Team members have a wide variety of expertise in different food commodities, and have been instrumental in sharing their practical experience with industry members and students to help with trouble shooting or improve food safety practices. The knowledge that the Food Safety Specialists have transferred to the food processing industry can be measured, not only by the numerous success stories of Manitoba companies that have received technical support, but also by the successful implementation of food safety programs and improvement of food safety practices in Manitoba as demonstrated by inspection reports, successful audits by different government agencies and third parties.

Enabled by management support, team members have participated in multiple activities of CIFST and have contributed at the National and Provincial levels. At the National level, two team members have been actively engaged in organizing conferences, have been on the Board of Directors, and participated as members of various committees and task forces. At the Provincial level, Food Safety Team members have been involved as keynote speakers for Career Nights, Public Forums and Technical Seminars, as well as mentored students ready to join the work force. They have developed and delivered specialized Food Safety Training for Food Science students for three consecutive years to help build industry capacity. Team members have volunteered as co-chairs, keynote speakers and emcees at the Manitoba Section Supplier Expo in 2012 and 2015.  Additionally, a number of team members have served on the Manitoba Section Management Committee in various leadership roles, including Chair, Program Chair, Newsletter Editor and Treasurer.

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