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2016 Institute Award

Institute Award

Anne McCannel


Anne McCannel is an instructor in Food Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), where she has been teaching food technology since 1992. She holds a BSc from the University of Guelph, and a MSc from the University of British Columbia. Annís passion and impact as a food science professional and educator comes through loud and clear in the 20 glowing testimonials from inspired graduates and students (all shared below). There is no doubt that she brings to the classroom a wealth of food industry experience and motivates students to be their best.

Anne first became active with CIFST as Secretary for the national Organizing Committee for the 1994 Conference held in Vancouver. Since that time, she has held numerous volunteer positions with the BC Section of CIFST (BCFT), including Chair, Program Chair, Secretary, and Awards Chair.

Anne is constantly encouraging both current students and graduates to engage in section events. She organizes car pools for events that end late in the evening because she is worried about the safety of students going home on transit. Every two years she helps students organize the BCFT Speakerís Night at BCIT. These events are extremely successful and a great opportunity for students to learn organization and event planning skills.

On the CIFST national front, Anne was a member of the CIFST Board of Directors, and participated on the Governance Review Committee, as well as the Awards Committee, taking part in a review of Institute Awards criteria. Over the years, she has also accompanied several BCIT Student Challenge teams to national CIFST conferences. Most recently she was a member of the 2016 CIFST Conference, held in Burnaby, BC, and chaired the Student Events Sub-Committee. In this role, with the assistance of many, she saw a very successful, first-ever ĎAmazing Raceí student competition take place at the conference. Anne was very actively involved in planning the student events for the 2016 Conference, encouraging BCIT students to attend the conference. Even though this conference was optional, all but one BCIT student attended. In fact, she was so passionate about wanting students to attend the conference, she volunteered to pay for any students who could not financially afford the conference.

Anne was recently awarded the BCIT School of Health Sciences Teaching Excellence award. In 2002, Anne was recognized for her work with the BC Food Technologists (BCFT) as the recipient of the Barry Walsh award.

Not only is Anne a dedicated, motivational teacher and mentor, she is also an outstanding advocate for CIFST, serving as an exceptional role model and inspiring many students and professionals to be actively involved in BCFT and CIFST.

Graduate and Student Testimonials

Anneís teaching method is efficient and effective. Her tests and quizzes are very fair and motivated me towards learning rather than bluntly memorizing the materials. If Anne makes a mistake during lecture, she admits her mistake and corrects it as soon as possible. If Anne is asked a question she is not sure of, she finds out the answer and lets her students know, usually in next lecture. Anne has been a very passionate instructor. I had countless help from her not just in class but outside of school as well. I have been asked so many times from Anne how I am doing outside of the class and I am very grateful that she truly cares about her students. Recently there was the 2016 CIFST conference held in Burnaby on February 22. The registration for this conference was quite expensive for some students including myself. Anne helped me and numerous students financially because she believed that the conference would be an informative experience.

Stepping back into a classroom after seven years was not an easy decision and the fact that I will be amongst teenagers was not something I was looking forward to. Thanks to Anne McCannel who made this transition so smooth for me that I didnít for even a single moment felt out of place. Anne McCannel is an incredible person. She is forever helpful to anyone in need and her personality makes her stand out and makes us students never hesitate to approach her with any kind of problem. As an instructor, she is awesome. Her teaching method is simple and very effective. She teaches in such a way that you understand things on the spot and donít have to keep referring to notes etc. In the event that someone fails to understand, she will patiently explain the same thing over and if you still donít get the concept she gladly offers to help you outside of class time. The best thing about her is that she understands her students. She goes above and beyond to help us students out in any aspect of our studies.

Anne McCannel is everything I can ask for in an instructor and more. She goes above and beyond in every way possible. The passion she has for teaching, the knowledge she possesses, the outside help she offers, and the genuine care she has for us as her students is unbelievable. She even helps us find job opportunities, and continues to help her students through the years after they have graduated. Not only does she have an incredibly effective way of teaching, but she truly does care that we learn and understand the material she teaches. I am extremely lucky to have Anne as an instructor in the Food Technology program here at BCIT, and anyone that has been taught by her would certainly agree.

Anne is very hardworking and spends a lot of time ensuring my class and I understand the course material. She is very clear and concise when it comes to teaching and does not hesitate to help us. She is also accessible even outside her teaching and office hours in terms of replying to my emails. Anne does not only teach us about the theoretical knowledge about our industry but she also provides us valuable insights from her experiences as well.

Well organized, very experienced, and extremely enthusiastic, Anne McCannel is an instructor that exceeds any normal standards for education. Her lessons are informative and prepared. She is willing to help students with understanding of material and with other issues beyond the classroom. Anne is not only an excellent instructor, but also an excellent person.

Anne is one of the best instructors I have ever known! She is very knowledgeable and she shares her own experiences beyond the teaching material which makes the stuff easier to understand and memorize. The difficulty and the amount of Anne's homework is reasonable, she always gives feedback on time and her homework is very helpful for learning. Anne is very patient in answering studentís questions and she treats all students fairly. She cares about students, she said she knew when we were tired which really gives me a strong impression of her.

Anne is the greatest teacher in my student life yet. She always writes notes for every class, and having English as my second language, this helps me understand the class material better. She is always helpful and gives advice when it comes to assignments. She also cares about her students even outside of school. One of the things I will probably not forget about her is when I got sick and she went to the hospital with me and continued to check up on me even after I got better.

Anne McCannel is the best teacher I've ever seen. Here are some highlights of Anne as an excellent teacher. First, for every class Anne is well prepared. Second, the atmosphere of each class is active. Third, Anne tries various new technologies to enhance the interaction between teachers and students. Fourth, Anne deeply understands the needs of students. Fifth, she uses her rest time to learn new knowledge, and selects the most important knowledge to teach us in classes. Sixth, if some students have questions, Anne will answer questions patiently and immediately. Outside of the above highlights which are listed above, she still has many advantages. To sum up, Anne McCannel is the best teacher I've ever seen.

Anne is an excellent teacher! Her positive attitude towards class gives an energy vibe to the whole class. She responds to each and every student's question(s) and gives feedback on how they do in class. She is very caring and a fun professor!

Anne is one of the most approachable instructors I have met at BCIT. Sheís always ready to help Ė academically and outside of school. She cares about her students not just in terms of helping us learn and become better, but also on our health and well-being. She goes out of her way to help anyone in need. When she knows that some of her students will get home late at night, she makes sure that we get home safe Ė she drives us home! Anne is also the kind of person who stands up for what she knows is good, she will find a way to help others in need even if this puts her out.

I like Anne's teaching style, and she always teaches class content with patience. When we have questions she always explains things until we understand. Anne has a strong and knowledgeable academic background, and she pay attention to every student in class. She loves and respects her students. She's a devoted teacher and a kind person. In a Harry Potter's parallelism, she would be the female version of Dumbledore.

Anne McCannel is remarkable person. She is passionate in her teachings and is very open minded in hearing her studentís views. Sheís great at engaging her students and makes learning an enjoyable process. Anne is attentive to her studentís needs and builds a relationship with them. There is never a dull moment in Anne's class and even when the computer projector acts up and technology fails, Anne still delivers and does a great job. I look forward to her classes and is one of the classes I don't want to skip. Her lectures are so organized and to the point, the learning process is an easy task and she has a way to humor the class to make the ideas stick. All educational facilities need teachers like Anne to keep the students coming back for further education- sheís quite motivational.

Anne McCannel is a wonderful person to talk to, she has always been a great teacher and person. She comes forward to help each and every student with studies, and even personal things. She made me feel comfortable with all courses. Furthermore, she makes difficult topics easy to understand. We all enjoy her classes and with each class we learn something new. We feel very fortunate to have her as instructor. In every way I feel she deserves an award for her teaching excellence.

Anne is a very responsible, thoughtful and patient teacher. She always consider the students and shares the information that will help students anytime. I'm very pleased to take her classes and really appreciate the work she did for us.

Anne was one of my instructors for the first semester. Even though some of her lectures were two hours long, she was always enthusiastic about the subject and presented the materials in a way that was easy to comprehend. Anne is really friendly and approachable and she always gives informative answers to any of our questions. She is also considerate of our circumstances. For example, she knew we were taking a lot of courses, so she tried her best to schedule our midterms in a different week to lessen our stress.

Acknowledgement of students as people - that's a quality I look for in an instructor and Anne is the perfect example of someone who not only recognizes their students, but also shows interest in them. She takes the time to help answer students' questions and is willing to work with students in and out of class time. I admire her enthusiasm when teaching because it encourages a positive learning environment and improves the students' attitude towards the subject.

One of my personal favourite memories with Anne was when she made a mistake during an 'Intro to Food Tech' class. She said, and I quote, "I was wrong...and you were right". What made the experience so memorable was the way she said it and how she sounded slightly embarrassed.
Anne is one of the few instructors I look up to. Her honesty, compassion towards students, and positive outlook on life motivates me to become a better person. She reminds us that grades don't define our worth, and that's something I struggle with on a day to day basis. I may not be the smartest student or get the highest grades, but I continue to push through because of her. Her passion for the subject makes me want to do well in her class.

Anne is an instructor in the Food Technology program who not only excels in the field of her expertise but is also by far the best teacher in terms of delivering her knowledge and sharing her past experience relevant to the course material to the students. She is enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to helping students who encountered obstacles along their learning paths. I believe the presence of Anne in this program will not only result in increased success among the students but also adds a lot of fun!

Throughout the two years of being in the BCIT Food Technology program, Anne has been one of the most patient and caring instructors I have ever met. Not only would she lend a hand but she has great integrity in teaching her students. Iím truly grateful for Anne for being so supportive of my team and me at the CIFST Student Challenge Cup held in Montreal and being my advisor for Directed Studies. She is one of a kind and I hope she will always carry on being this wonderful person.

Anne is an excellent instructor, who is very patient, cares about her students and has a passion for teaching. She is willing to help her students outside of class, and will explain materials to you until you understand. She also encourages her students to participate in section events, including IUFoST, Speakerís Night, and Supplierís Night. She supported me and a few other BCIT Student Representatives in planning the 2014 Speakerís Night at BCIT by providing us with continuous feedback regarding our event-planning.

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